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Are you ready to embark on the thrilling journey of wing surfing and wing foiling? Dive into the world of aqua excitement by enrolling in our top-notch lessons at Blue Adventures. Our dedicated team prioritizes customer satisfaction, and our teaching approach has proven to be exceptionally effective.


Learn the Art of Wing Surfing with Our Expert Instructors

During our comprehensive wing surfing lessons, our skilled instructors will guide you through every step, ensuring you master the essentials:


1. Setting Up and Adjustments

Get hands-on experience setting up the wing and board, making necessary adjustments for a seamless ride.

2. Safety Protocols

Learn crucial safety steps for handling equipment, creating a secure environment for your water adventure.

3. Water Entry Techniques

Master the techniques of entering the water and positioning yourself for a successful water start.

4. Water Start and Board Up

Witness a detailed demonstration of water start techniques and how to gracefully rise on the board.

5. Wing and Board Control

For first-timers without a foil, grasp the fundamentals of controlling the wing and board direction.

6. Foil Riding (For Previous Foiling Experience)

If you have prior foiling experience, elevate your skills by learning how to ride above the water on the foil.


All-Inclusive Experience for Your Epic Day Out

We provide everything you need for an epic day on the water, including impact vests, helmets, and the use of top-notch foil boarding gear.


Pro Tip: Start with Wake Foil Lessons!

If you're new to foil boarding, consider joining our wake foil lessons behind our fully surveyed boat. This beginner-friendly approach proves to be the easiest way to learn before advancing to Kite-, SUP, Surf, or Wing foiling.


Discover the Gem: Omaha Estuary

Located just 60 km north of Auckland CBD, the Omaha estuary offers pristine conditions – shallow, flat, and crystal clear. Ideal for wing surfing and foil boarding, this flat-water gem promises an unforgettable experience within an hour's reach from Auckland.


Lesson Packages: Choose Your Adventure


Private Lesson

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Price: $199


Group Lesson (2 Pax)

  • Duration: 2 hours

  • Price: $150 per person


Wake Foil & Wing Combo (2 Pax)

  • 2-hour wake foil charter for 2 pax

  • 2-hour group wing lesson for 2 pax

  • Price: $325 per person

Don't miss out on the aquatic thrill – book your wing surfing and wing foil lessons with Blue Adventures today!

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Why Choose Blue Adventures for Your Water Sports Journey?

Kia Ora to Blue Adventures: Your Gateway to Aquatic Thrills!

Owned and passionately run by adventure enthusiasts Tony and Nina, Blue Adventures stands out as a top-rated choice on Tripadvisor. Recently honored with the prestigious New Zealand Travel Industry Awards, we take pride in our commitment to providing personalized and exhilarating experiences.


Our Philosophy: Where Passion Meets Excellence

At Blue Adventures, we embody a philosophy centered around personalized and thrilling experiences. Our dedicated instructors, fueled by passion, ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for learning water sports. We prioritize customer satisfaction, and our proven teaching technique, featuring small groups and step-by-step instructions, guarantees your progress with ease and safety.


Discover the Perfect Location: Omaha Estuary

Location: 327 Omaha Flats Road

Nestled just steps away from the Omaha estuary, Blue Adventures benefits from an ideal location for water sports. The estuary offers flat, shallow, and crystal-clear waters – a haven for aquatic enthusiasts. Conveniently situated 60 km north of Auckland CBD, Omaha is easily accessible within an hour's drive from Auckland.

Choose Blue Adventures for a water sports experience that blends passion, expertise, and personalized attention. Your aquatic journey begins here!

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