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Tips to make your kite gear last longer

Updated: May 14, 2020

Although it may seem like a chore at the time, the best way to ensure your kitesurfing gear lasts a long time is to maintain and store it properly. Here are some tips:


Try to avoid packing up your kite wet. We recommend you let your kite dry out straight after your kitesurfing session while you are still at the beach. The best way to do so is by keeping your kite inflated. However, if you are in a rush to leave the kite spot or if it has started raining, you can also dry out your kite once you are back at home. This can be done by carefully hanging the kite over a piece of furniture or fence (be very careful not to puncture it) or, even better, by pumping it up in the garden. Once your kite is dry, brush the sand off the canopy and where the sand collects between the canopy and the leading edge.

If you are planning on not using your kite for a while, you may also want to rinse it with fresh water before storing it away. However, it is very important that your kite is completely dry before packing it away. If you leave your kite wet in the bag for more than a couple of days, the protective coating of the canopy starts degrading and the kite will loose it's crispiness or even mould. The best spot to store your kite is a dry and cool place.

Bar and lines

We recommend you rinse your bar and lines in freshwater after every session, making sure that the quick release mechanism, cleat, and adjustment/trimming system of the bar is clean and free of sand. Once clean, you can hang up the bar to dry. Lines can stretch/shrink over time, so make sure you check for uneven lines once in a while.


Your harness should also get a good rinse in fresh water after every session, as salt can stiffen and harden the fabric and straps.

Kite board

The most important parts on your board to keep clean are the straps and screws/inserts. We recommend that you give the screws and inserts a good clean once in a while. This can be done by unscrewing the bindings, taking the inserts out, removing all the sand and spraying CRC on the screws/inserts before putting your board back together.


Rinse your wetsuit and all neoprene items after each session.

Now and then, it is also good practise to clean the wetsuit with a wetsuit detergent, so that the bacteria dies off and won’t cause your wetsuit to smell. You can pick up wetsuit detergent at our Omaha surf shop.


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