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The best way to start your kiteboarding adventures is by getting some quality kitesurfing lessons. Our team at Blue Adventures believes in customer satisfaction, and our teaching technique has proven to be extremely successful. 

IKO-Affiliated Kite Centre 

Blue Adventures is Auckland's only IKO- affiliated Kite Centre. 

Our qualified kitesurfing instructors are trained to teach using IKO's safe progressive method and our kiteboarding lessons are IKO certified. 

Small Group Sizes 

Our kitesurf lessons are run in small groups with a student to instructor ratio of 1:1 or 2:1. This way, your qualified kitesurfing instructor can tailor the kitesurfing lessons to your individual learning needs. Our group lessons are designed for friends or family members wanting to learn together.


Quality and Easy-To-Use Gear 

Step-by-step instructions and the latest kiteboarding equipment will ensure you progress easily and safely while learning this addictive sport! The use of all kitesurfing gear, impact vests and helmets is included in our lesson price.

Once you have completed our 2-Day kitesurfing course, you might want to purchase your own kitesurfing equipment. We are here to help you to find the right gear!

Great Lesson Locations 

Our kiteboarding school is fully mobile and we operate in the wider Auckland region. Being a fully mobile kitesurfing school means that we will be at the best location for the conditions. 


"Incredibly fun controlled and reassuring instructor- super flexible management team!" Jess

"My instructor gave me exactly the right piece of advice to get me to the next level. All the gear we used was less than a year old and in great condition. After my lessons they also helped me purchase my first set of kite gear." Chris 

"Our instructor made us feel safe and comfortable. The accommodation they organised was superb and we felt really looked after. Blue Adventures is definitely the place to book in your kitesurfing holiday!" Katarina





On the first day of your Kiteboarding Beginner Course your IKO qualified instructor will teach you:


- How to identify safe wind directions and  kiteboarding locations


- You will learn about the weather forecast and wind effects


- You will learn how to set up, fly and control the kite on land and in the water


- You will learn how to use the safety systems


- You will learn how to safely launch and land your kite


- You will practise how to body-drag (This is a lot of fun!)


Tip- Our group lessons are a great option for family and friends wanting to learn kitesurfing together.

Our 1-Day course includes IKO certification.





On the second day of your Beginner Course your IKO qualified Kitesurfing instructor will teach you:


- How to water re-launch the kite


- How to body-drag up and downwind


- You will practise self-rescue and full pack-down in deep water


- You will practise the power stroke for a water start

- You will learn  the safety rules

- Exciting times ahead- Some students attempt their first board starts on Day 2 of their lessons.

Please note that learning speeds vary from person to person. If you feel like you need more lessons after the initial 6 hour course, we suggest you book our 'Pay as you go' lessons.

Our 2-Day course includes IKO certification.​​




Our "Pay as You Go" lessons are run in 2 or 3 hour lesson blocks. Our "Pay as you go" lessons can include:​


- Board riding lessons after completion of the initial 2-day course

- Freestyle lessons: Take your kiting to the next level by learning new tricks. 

- Wave riding lessons

- Foil boarding lessons: Join the leatest craze and learn how to foilboard. Challenge yourself by learning this new exciting sport and experience what foiling is all about.

Our advanced lessons are taught by some of NZ's most experienced IKO instructors.

Our board riding lessons include IKO certification.

Why Choose Blue Adventures for Your Water Sports Journey?

Kia Ora to Blue Adventures: Your Gateway to Aquatic Thrills!

Owned and passionately run by adventure enthusiasts Tony and Nina, Blue Adventures stands out as a top-rated choice on Tripadvisor. Recently honored with the prestigious New Zealand Travel Industry Awards, we take pride in our commitment to providing personalized and exhilarating experiences.


Our Philosophy: Where Passion Meets Excellence

At Blue Adventures, we embody a philosophy centered around personalized and thrilling experiences. Our dedicated instructors, fueled by passion, ensure a safe and enjoyable environment for learning water sports. We prioritize customer satisfaction, and our proven teaching technique, featuring small groups and step-by-step instructions, guarantees your progress with ease and safety.


Discover the Perfect Location: Omaha Estuary

Location: 327 Omaha Flats Road

Nestled just steps away from the Omaha estuary, Blue Adventures benefits from an ideal location for water sports. The estuary offers flat, shallow, and crystal-clear waters – a haven for aquatic enthusiasts. Conveniently situated 60 km north of Auckland CBD, Omaha is easily accessible within an hour's drive from Auckland.

Choose Blue Adventures for a water sports experience that blends passion, expertise, and personalized attention. Your aquatic journey begins here!

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